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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Dolphin Surfers of Australia

The last few months i have been competing in Olympic qualifiers for fencing....Hungary, Rio De Janiero, Havana, Nanjing, Shanghai...and finally last but not least Australia. Have been lucky to spend time in the ocean in most of those countries...swimming or surfing between fencing competitions and training sessions.  Not until  Australia did i finally see a pod of dolphins....they showed up out of the blue... had been swimming in a pool next to the ocean when i overheard someone holler "Look!  Dolphins!". A  pod of dolphins were surging fast towards the children running to a park.  So excited to join  in and to show off their surfing skills to the surfers.....and playfully jumping out of the water!  All the surfers were smiling....and everyone on land watching the dolphins were smiling and laughing as well at their showmanship and cute personalities. So much more enjoyable to watch them in the wild than in captivity....interacting with people of their own free-will.  Was told  that they show up almost everyday to play in the surf with the surfers....