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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr. Weaver's Opinion On Dolphin Suicide...So Did Angel's Mother Really Commit Suicide

From Huffington Post:
But can captivity really cause a dolphin to commit suicide? They seem to be smiling, don't they? What kid hasn't been charmed by the dolphin's toothy grin? Dr. Ann Weaver, who studies dolphins in Tampa Bay, calls it a frozen face and doesn't buy the notion of animal suicide. She acknowledges that animals can get depressed (that's well documented) but the leap to despair, which is a hopelessness that carries into the future, doesn't occur. She speaks about a continuum from melancholy to the blues to depression to despondency to despair. According to Dr. Weaver, the final step to despair, which is a tipping point in suicide, is uniquely human. Then there is the powerful survival instinct. "I think everything they are designed to be is to keep on keeping on. So I think suicide is the curse of the human consciousness, but not other consciousnesses. I don't believe they give up and that's what suicide requires."

Dolphin Suicide Questioned

Must See Photographs

Stress Of Orca Captivity and Consequences

Blog: Angel in Exile | Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Blog: Angel in Exile | Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Freeing Lolita

Taiji Whale Museum Gives Out Information On Angel, The Albino Dolphin

Chinese Cringing At Dolphin Killings In Taiji

Talk Of Sentencing Friendly To A Life Of Captivity

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Albino baby dolphin at Taiji Whale Museum is not interacting & rarely surfaces

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Letter To Cory Knowlton Who Paid $350,000 To Kill Black Rhino

“In forty years of close association with black rhinoceros, I have NEVER known of a free ranging wild old male past his breeding period targeting, and killing, rhino females and calves but, rather, the odd fights have only, in my own experience, occurred amongst breeding competing males, as is common in other species.

In Africa old age is respected: by extension, it is un-African and basically unethical not to allow an old male that sired many calves a peaceful retirement, in the same way as breeding bulls in the cattle world are put out to pasture, not sent to the butcher, once they stop being productive. It is equally unethical to use two sets of measures for poachers, who shoot a wild animal for financial gain, and are arrested or shot, and for a wealthy legal hunter who can pay a fortune for the pleasure to kill it, and is congratulated instead? In both cases a dead endangered animal is the end product. This auction is cruel, ill-timed, and to be condemned.

If the person bidding to shoot the rhino bull has that spare cash available, why not DONATE it to the cause and leave the poor rhino alone? The old rhino does not deserve a bullet.

- Kuki Gallmann; Conservationist, author, founder of The Gallmann Memorial Foundation and honorary game warden.”

Not All People In Taiji Are Pro Dolphin Hunting

Japanese Island Of Toshima Makes Dolphins Citizens

Friday, January 24, 2014

Former Marineland Trainer: I Can Tell You That Dolphins Feel

Yukon To Allow Hunters As Young As Twelve..
Also sad news for the wolves of the Yukon.

Protest Against Dolphin Slaughter In Tokyo, Japan

Just back from the protest against Dolphin Slaughter, in front of Ministry of Fisheries, Tokyo, Japan.

Approximately 35-40 people attended the protest. We held posters and shouted, "we do not need Dolphin meat, we do not need Dolphin Slaughter" the speaker spoke about Caroline Kennedy's support and said that the Japanese Govt. Should consider that most people are opposing the slaughter.

I did not understand much as I don't speak Japanese. 

Majority of the group were Japanese. I got a chance to speak with some. It is important to note that several people walked by, and didn't even stop to look at the posters or pay attention to what we were protesting against. I was told that it's their culture. I was surprised as no one even stopped to find out what it was.

Over all, the protest went well. One of the speakers broke in tears while shouting slogans. She is Japanese.

AFP, French TV, was covering the event and there was one Japanese reporter.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sign our petition to stop airlines transporting dolphins - WDC

Sign our petition to stop airlines transporting dolphins - WDC

Ric O'Barry brings up an excellent point, why would the Japanese people allow this Cove in Taiji, a National Park, to be used for this Slaughter? This belongs to all of the people of Japan, not the 60 or so fishermen. If this was happening in the Grand Canyon, it would not be allowed and it would be shut down and they would be in jail!
Wake up Japan, these people are stealing your national resources from you and you should insist that it stops!

List Of Airlines Which Do Not Transport Live Dolphins For Aquariums

Striped pod of dolphins is now trapped within the shallows of the cove. Entire pod will soon be slaughtered...

Aquariums Behind Killings

Stop Transportation Of Captive Dolphins By Airlines

Waza Can Save Angel And End Dolphin Ric O'Barry

There is a protest being planned by a Japanese lady in Tokyo this Friday. Many Japanese agree with her statement below. By all means blame the Japanese government and of course the killers, but please consider that not all the people are aware of the dolphin slaughters. Translation in English: January 24, 6pm demonstration at Kasumigaseki in front of the Fisheries Agency Immediate action! We demand the cessation of dolphin hunts and the retraction of the statement that "Dolphin hunting is Japanese Culture". We will be holding a demonstration at the Ministry of Fisheries to protest against Japanese dolphin hunting and the Japanese government's claim that "Dolphin Hunting is Japanese Culture". As a result of Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Japan's announcement expressing concern over the dolphin hunts, there is unprecedented attention being focused on dolphin hunting not only from outside Japan but inside Japan. However, the Japanese government is criticizing Caroline Kennedy by claiming that dolphin hunting which is unknown to most Japanese and undesired, is "Japanese Traditional Culture", The Japanese government is lying. The Japanese government should be aware that the majority of Japanese citizens are unaware of dolphin hunting and that there is no demand for dolphin meat. They should also be aware that the reality behind dolphin hunting is not "traditional food culture" but a multi million yen business in the trade of live dolphins. The Japanese government is using the dolphins as leverage in global power and is protecting its own profits. We are taking action against the Japanese government. We the majority of the Japanese people do not consider dolphin hunting to be "Japanese culture", dolphins should have a special place in our hearts, and continuing dolphin hunting will surely result in immeasurable consequences from the outside world. We demand the immediate cessation of dolphin hunting and the sale of live dolphins.

New Species Of Dolphin Found in Australia

German Minister Speaks Out Against Dolphin Hung

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Only 14 Previous Spottings of Albino Bottlenose Dolphins In The World

According to marine biologist Dagmar Fertl, this event was only the third reported sighting of an albino bottlenose dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico (going back to 1994), and the fourteenth spotting anywhere in the world (the first coming in 1962). Biologists speculate that, in addition to the rarity of their birth, the scarcity of albino bottlenose dolphins might be due to their having poor eyesight, increased sensitivity to sunlight, and a coloration that provides poor camouflaging, factors which could significantly decrease their chances of reaching maturity. 

Article Debating Whether Mother Of Angel Committed Suicide
shared Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official)'s photo.
One dolphin continued to swim and spy hop next to his family on the opposite side of the net.
The dolphin refused to leave his pod even though he was free.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cove Guardians @CoveGuardians
Now streaming the drive out of the Bottlenose that remain in the cove. Many will die at sea from last 4 days.  12:07p

Town's Website Shut Down Over Dolphin Killings by Anonymous

Dolphins Now Being Slaughtered In Cove

Killing Methods

Dolphin Babies Nurse Up To Two Years, Sometimes Longer, Angel Was Still Nursing

This from the Taiji Whale Museum: The 18th, Taiji Whale Museum has published a dolphin pure white body.

 Bottlenose dolphins of (albino) body color abnormality due to lack of pigment. Female about two meters long and weighs about 100 kg body weight, 1-year-old estimated age. Breeding albino dolphin that is rare in the whole country.

Still Not Confirmed

Maryann Avila I think they said yesterday that her mom got hit by the propellers from one of the boats..and is dead..She was spyhopping and then didn't come up..

Baby Albino Dolphin Torn From Mother Shock……

     *Not my comments:Yesterday the shocking images reached around the world regarding the baby dolphin that had been torn apart from its mother to be taken to a new life in custody inside a hell-hole aquarium.
Albino nosed dolphins are extremely rare and it is more than obvious what these monsters have in store for this poor baby.
There are also images from the Sea shepherds who reported a piece on over 250 dolphins being held captive within the very same cove which became famous and even received an Oscar award in 2009 and many other awards also. So it is amazing how it is only now it has come to mainstream media attention. It has also been reported in CNN News and other large media newspapers.

Rare Albino Dolphin Brutally Taken From Mother for Captivity. Image by Sakura Paia of The Dolphin Project Japanese Monitor on The Ground in Taiji January 18,2014
So in response to the Japanese Aquarium who were responsible for kidnapping this beautiful dolphin a #OpFunKill and #LULZWAR has begun on who are the aquarium currently holding the albino dolphin…

Coming Into Taiji Soon To Negotiate Deals For The Captive Dolphins

Last time I was in Taiji, it was the Chinese who were there.
Kirsten Massebeau shared Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official)'s photo. *Not my comments below:
Is this how humans should treat the people of the sea? He or she is asking for your help! ‪#‎HelpCoveDolphins‬
One Bottlenose dolphin threw herself against the skiff as killers approached her during the captive selection

Angel The White Miracle Baby

Will Angel be the salvation of her will tell.

Photo Of Mother Dolphin Watching Her Baby Being Taken Away

Angel Should Be Reunited With Mother

I am not sure that Angel's mother committed suicide as has been can one tell one dolphin apart from 250 others unless they have distinguishing marks.  Angel was still nursing and needs her mother's milk and nurturing to have a good shot at surviving.

Martyn Stewart:  Satoshi is on the ground in Taiji, they ignore him and seek fame instead of helping the japanese, he is pushed around when he tries to get an angle to film, its fuckin disgusting, He has more right than us....

IMO(LG) It is Angel, The Albino Calf, Who Has Sparked A Groundswell Of Interest: She Is The Miracle We Have Been Waiting For:

Martyn Stewart shared a link.
 Contrary to what has been stated on a certain persons wall, There have been many people on the ground from all different groups, countries and some of us totally independent in Taiji. Many people have paid out of their own pockets (includin...g mine) to shout for the dolphins and small whales.
I have paid thousands of dollars to people that i felt needed to be on the ground regardless of what group they belonged to. It has been a concerted effort from everyone.
Not one group or body of people can claim for what is to come in the future, be it success or failure. Its about time we were ALL united for the animals in Taiji and leave your egos at home...

Message From Yoko Ono To The Dolpin Killers and To The Prime Minister Of Japan

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cove Guardians @CoveGuardians
Trainers have left the cove & the killers begin to remove tarps. Bottlenose pod will be held for a 4th night without food 1:00p

Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt | The Japan Times

Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt | The Japan Times

Slaughter of Mothers Trying to Protect Their Babies, Juveniles and Adults Could Begin Within A Few Hours

I have witnessed first hand the dolphins spyhopping, looking at me and begging for help.  I was powerless to help even though I raced to the Mayor's office to beg for their lives until the water ran with their blood.  I now hope the World can hear their cries for Help!

Japan dolphin kill draws critics worldwide - World News -

Japan dolphin kill draws critics worldwide - World News -

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Carrie Debord shared Kerry Gogan's photo.  * The following is not written by myself...LG
Red handle "pithing" tool is driven directly behind the dolphins blow hole. Then removed. The smaller wooden "plug" is then inserted into hole created in the dolphin to stop the flow of blood from hole so pictures and video do not pick up as much blood flowing into the cove. Education. Please do not buy a ticket to Sea World and other marine parks, nor swim with dolphin programs. Your bought ticket fuels this dolphin hunt and slaughter activity. Research yourself if none of this makes sense to you. Thank you.

Nursing Baby Ripped From Mother (shared Divine Dolphin Photo)

It is all on video. This baby being ripped from it's mother. It's mother trying to defend it and then spyhopping for about 30 minutes looking for her baby. And then going under and never resurfacing again, suicide from grief and despair. And her baby is now subject to a life of captivity. 

She never left her moms side, always touching her mom, which means she is more than likely blind and deaf, now she swims alone, scared, in a concrete tank.

This is an international tragedy that needs an international outcry and ACTION. 

First there was Blackfish... and now there is WHITEFISH. Let's show them the backlash from @[150354588450861:274:Blackfish] and Angel WHITEFISH like never before!!

PLEASE sign the Peittion: and pass this on.

<3 <3 <3
*The following comments are not mine:  It is all on video. This baby being ripped from it's mother. It's mother trying to defend it and then spyhopping for about 30 minutes looking for her baby. And ...then going under and never resurfacing again, suicide from grief and despair. And her baby is now subject to a life of captivity. She never left her moms side, always touching her mom, which means she is more than likely blind and deaf, now she swims alone, scared, in a concrete tank. This is an international tragedy that needs an international outcry and ACTION. First there was Blackfish... and now there is WHITEFISH. Let's show them the backlash from Blackfish and Angel WHITEFISH like never before!! PLEASE sign the Peittion: and pass this on.

Baby Albino Dolphin Which Was Still Nursing Taken From Mother In Taiji, JP

PRESS RELEASE FROM TAIJI WHALE(ing) MUSEUM: Translation...... The bottlenose dolphin carrying the white color of the body
In the group caught in the 17th, white body color of the bottlenose dolphin was discovered. Whole body is white, since eye is pink, this dolphin is inferred albino that do not have pigment in the body mutation to be a (congenital albinism).
We have carried into the dolphin show pool of museum this dolphin today. I think this white dolphin in females, about 2m long and weighs about 100 kg body weight, we would like to observe the course in the future.
体色の白いバンドウイルカを搬入 17日に漁獲された群の中に、体色の白いバンドウイルカが発見されました。このイルカは全身が白色で、目が淡紅色であることから、突然変異で体に色素をもたないアルビノ(先天性色素欠乏症)であると推測されます。 本日このイルカを博物館内のイルカショープールに搬入いたしました。この白いイルカはメスで、体長約2m、体重約100㎏で、今後経過を観察していきたいと思います。 【お知らせ】

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Department of Conservation, NZ, Kills Stranded Pilot Whales

By Kerry OBrien:  WHALE STRANDING UPDATE - Farewell Spit

Despite more than two days of significant effort by the Department of Conservation (DOC), Project Jonah volunteers and the local community caring for, re-floating and attempting to herd the remaining pilot whales back to deep water using boats and people in the water, the survivors of Tuesdays pilot whale stranding in Golden Bay having been joined by a 9th whale and have again re-stranded overnight.

With a full moon last night causing a higher tide, rescuers this morning found the whales stranded much further up the beach making the prospect of a re-float considerably harder.

Unfavourable weather conditions in the form of high winds, which are forecast to get higher during the day, again working against those intent on a rescue.

The animals were this morning found to be stressed and in poor condition. DOC has therefore made the heart rending decision to euthanise rather than prolong their suffering any further.

Whilst this is a sad end to the rescue it is import to realise that these were the last of the 60 plus whales who initially got into difficulty on Tuesday. The majority of the animals survived. Whilst we would like to see every whale rescued and returned to the sea, despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes circumstance prevent this.

We thank everyone involved in the rescue for all of their considerable and valiant efforts over the past few days.

Stop Idaho's Wolf-killing Hired Gun

Stop Idaho's Wolf-killing Hired Gun

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My one on one encounter with "Friendly" the dolphin.

While out surfing at Manly Beach with possibly hundreds of other surfers...I spotted a dolphin swimming towards me and then she stopped under my board. I had read about a lone dolphin swimming up and down the coast interacting with surfers and swimmers; so I suspected this was that dolphin as she was alone.  I was so thrilled that I went under the water to be with her; but when she started to swim towards me...I kind of freaked and came up...after all this was a wild dolphin and I was not sure how she would react to my being under water with her.  As I lay on my board, she spyhopped and I talked to her; but made no attempt to touch her.  After a nice visit, she decided to move on.

Alarms Sound Over Radioactive Gigantism