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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Center for Great Apes

For those looking for a worthy animal group to support which is LEGIT, I highly recommend the Center for Great Apes in Florida.  They are caring for an awful lot of chimpanzees.  Check out their FB page to see the good work they do or their website at   Ninety-nine percent of the dolphin groups out there raising money are SCAMS...Exploiting the dolphin slaughter for their own personal gain. 

This blog is to spread awarness Free. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Whales Die From Eating Plastic

Cynthia Davies's photo.

Post-Mortem on the 13 stranded North Sea sperm whales finds their stomachs full of plastic. This occurred near the town of Tönning in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Heart Breaking Post By Martyn Stewart On The Killing Of Collared Bears

A great sadness engulfs me this morning, my good friend Dr. Lynn Rogers wrote an update last night on the Lily the Black Bear Facebook page. In his update i felt a tremendous sadness. Here is a guy who had dedicated his life to researching black bears and understanding things that no other biologist could shake a stick at.
His 40 plus years of research taught us many things.
Victimized by hunters, hollywood and all the scare mongers, Lynn proved the sensitivity of black bears.
The corrupt government of Minnesota and particularly the DNR have all but put a stop to Lynn hanging on to his permit that allowed him to collar Black bears and learn about their lives.
Hunters and government officials didn't want Lynn showing these majestic animals are not the ferocious animals that taxidermists portray them as with snarls on their faces and the film makers depicting them with growls....
Instead to protect their hunting seasons, they fought Lynn in the courts and won.
The DNR then went about killing all the collar bears that i came to know so very well.
I love Lynn, i'm just hoping his spirits stay strong and his will to carry on through the face of adversity..
Lynn has so very much more to do in this world.
A book is still needed to be written.
Lily, June, Hope and all the bears need their stories told.
The DNR needs to be exposed for the barbaric hunting organization it really is.
Thank you as always Lynn... You are a walker amongst bears and a dear friend.
The website for the Wildlife Research Institute and Dr. Lynn Rogers research on black bears.|By Linda Gibson

Sunday, February 7, 2016

By: Martyn Stewart

I went undercover for a couple of days at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas to attend the 2016 Safari club international conference. I rubbed shoulder to shoulder with some of the most vicious and notorious hunters on the planet.
I laughed and joked with them and became them for the duration.
There is no way you can defeat these people unless you know what makes them tick.. so sleeping with the enemy so to speak is essential in life....
Last night (Friday) I attended the auction that included the selling off of animals lives to the auctioneers hammer. the first item on the agenda was a bear hunt in Alaska.
5k turned to 15k then quickly up to 20k, then 50k, 60k, 80k and finally ended with the winner bidding 90,000 USD... I was gobsmacked, after 5 items offered in the space of 30 minutes, over $200,000 was raised to kill animals in the USA, Africa and Asia.
I left the room with a sick feeling in my stomach, On my return today i learnt that over 100 million dollars had been raised to kill animals for fun....
I will write a long long story on my experiences once i can process what i have just taken in.
The biggest thing i took from my time amongst these psychopaths is there is an assault far greater than you believe on mother earth on its fauna and precious animals.
It's not just about a small corner of Japan or the plains of Africa and its magnificent animals under threat, there is a growing need to kill amongst human beings with nothing else on their mind but spilling blood on the earth at the expense of its beautiful animals.
The time to wake up is now, you need to understand that we cannot replace these critters once they have gone.
there is no supermarket where we can replenish our earth.
We need to stand up taller than ever before and start with what you do in your own lives including your choice of food...
Our argument is far stronger if we walk the walk and talk the talk...
I stay on Facebook because i believe in social media telling our story because there is no news outlet that cares unless you have a bad hair day and ban muslims from the borders.
Without the animals i am nothing, there is no place on earth for me if we loose the....
I ask you to shout as loud as you can for the voiceless.
Cecil the lion woke many people up to these barbaric perverts, the next Cecil happened today and will happen tomorrow..
It IS in our own hands to stop this.........

Friday, February 5, 2016

Japan Deports Ric O'Barry

Activist Ric O'Barry deported from Japan

 Ric O'Barry
"It is ironic that they are 
deporting me
 to keep me quiet,
 when they themselves have brought
 more attention to the 
dolphin slaughter than 
 ‘The Cove’ movie." ~ Ric O'Barry

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Taiji Forecast by Michele Bollo
UPDATE: 1130 looks like hope is fading for this small. innocent family of Risso's, driven to their doom. LiveStream:
1024 nine boats coming together to prepare for formation
0945 Boat# 3 returns to harbor More on way but will search for coast hugging families
0842 Both DP and CG report bangers have abandoned pursuit of pod. Now dispersed and heading out beyond horizon for another species and/or larger family?
0723 CG reports the bangers have found a pod
0642 Bangers out to stalk the innocent.
Sunshine all day, light winds. BAD.
Breathe deep. Sadly, they are closing in on the Risso's quota. But good that they may soon have to pass up the terrorized Risso's families and extend their search,spending time and money. But have you noticed the notable lack of babies?
We are sorry sweet Risso's.