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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Countries Were It Is Legal To Eat Dog Meat

Legal To Eat Dog Meat In Canada


It is legal to sell and serve dog meat, providing that it must be killed and gutted in front of federal inspectors.[21] If a dog is killed out of the view of federal inspectors, the killing might involve cruelty, which would be a violation of the Criminal Code, and those convicted may be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison.[22]

Someone's Response To The Swiss Eating Dogs and Cats

I'm from close by originally. I deal with horses as a business but I am also a careful consumer of Horse Meat. I am very picky were any meat comes from.

Yes, they do. It isn't a religious thing, its a cultural and historical food. Dog is rare, as is cat, but still consumed. Unfortunately, some of this meat is mixed as a "stretcher" in low end restaurants. This places are often shut down though, as there are strict guidelines and food safety involved.

Dog ain't great, kinda stringy/gamey with a funky flavour depending on how the dog was kept. It's not my favorite and neither is cat, which has a distinct flavour of... well, cat. If you've eaten big game cat, then its the same only a touch stronger. Omnivores and carnivores tend to not really have the best of flavour. Most of their consumption was born from war times, famines, and the rural country life where your survival hinged on animals being used for multiple purposes. Certain horse breeds were treated like cows, for milk, meat, and hide. Horse is actually a favorite of mine. Although I am an animal lover, I don't judge. If I am willing to kill any animal to eat it, I will not say one animal is "higher" than another. Therefore, I consume anything willingly and be grateful it sacrificed itself for me.

In Switzerland horse meat is coming harder to find but still there. Regulated horse meat anyway. I don't believe there is a market for dog or cat aside from home prepared meat. Some people are strict like me, my butcher knows I won't order meat from an American horse. He only gets horses who have lived a life of good care, pesticide free, and killed humanely. The dog and cat is up to the person butchering the animal. Hopefully, they do so correctly.

Dogs and Cats Sometimes Eaten In Switzerland

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Legal To Skin Cats In Switzerland

From Internet:  It's not all roses for cats in Switzerland. The Times reports that it's still legal in Switzerland to skin cats and sell their pelts for domestic and foreign markets. Some people believe that touching cat fur can lessen the pain associated with rheumatism.