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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Heart Breaking Post By Martyn Stewart On The Killing Of Collared Bears

A great sadness engulfs me this morning, my good friend Dr. Lynn Rogers wrote an update last night on the Lily the Black Bear Facebook page. In his update i felt a tremendous sadness. Here is a guy who had dedicated his life to researching black bears and understanding things that no other biologist could shake a stick at.
His 40 plus years of research taught us many things.
Victimized by hunters, hollywood and all the scare mongers, Lynn proved the sensitivity of black bears.
The corrupt government of Minnesota and particularly the DNR have all but put a stop to Lynn hanging on to his permit that allowed him to collar Black bears and learn about their lives.
Hunters and government officials didn't want Lynn showing these majestic animals are not the ferocious animals that taxidermists portray them as with snarls on their faces and the film makers depicting them with growls....
Instead to protect their hunting seasons, they fought Lynn in the courts and won.
The DNR then went about killing all the collar bears that i came to know so very well.
I love Lynn, i'm just hoping his spirits stay strong and his will to carry on through the face of adversity..
Lynn has so very much more to do in this world.
A book is still needed to be written.
Lily, June, Hope and all the bears need their stories told.
The DNR needs to be exposed for the barbaric hunting organization it really is.
Thank you as always Lynn... You are a walker amongst bears and a dear friend.
The website for the Wildlife Research Institute and Dr. Lynn Rogers research on black bears.|By Linda Gibson

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