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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hi! It has been awhile since i updated my blog.....But with the Killing Season beginning thoughts are with all the dolphins who will be herded into the Cove again.

Since returning home from Taiji, Japan last year....have been struggling with injuries... Taiji must have been the most stressful time of my life, the emotional turmoil of witnessing the slaughter still haunts me. And being there...feeling a bond with the families of dolphins that were killed...brought back the painful memories of when i was trying to rescue a baby chimp "Sosa" whom i had bonded with. Both species share a higher intelligence, both mental and human like in the way they are able to communicate and to pick up our emotions...even using a type of six sense to tune in to our feelings. It is devastating when these emotionally intelligent beings reach out for help...

Very glad to see more Organizations taking action to be there. Last year went to Taiji to lend my support to some of these groups; but instead found myself alone! But, ended up making friends with some of the locals...even a dolphin killer(unknowingly, which must have confused the police who were following me). Making these local friends made me realize that change has to come from the community and the mindset of the community. I think the seeds of Eco-Tourism have been planted and are hopefully growing...we must keep watering those seeds:).

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