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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wild Spirits

Last year it was a hopeless feeling watching families of dolphins being killed one after another..and not being able to prevent it.

Watching the dolphins in the Cove fear and fight for their lives...reminded me of Sosa's struggle...a chimpanzee who reached out for help whom I tried to rescue by informing many organizations of his plight. After Sosa's death i was visited by him often in my dreams - each time waking up to loosing him again. My dreams were memories of us...Sosa reaching out for me to chase him for our tickle game. One night,in a dream, while chasing to tickle him as usual; Sosa ran towards the dark ocean and jumped in.....i dove in after him, frantically searching for him underwater...only to wake up gasping for air. Not long after that dream....I was where it felt like the ends of the earth, Taiji, Japan..Alone...holding my breath in despair as the Dawn mist rolled over families of dolphins huddled together in the Killing Bay. I felt their struggles fade....then seep out of the Bay as a Dark Tide. After the killings, all i could do was search for any survivors. Sosa, has never since returned to me in my though his wild spirit had departed with that blood stream flowing out to the ocean.

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