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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whale And Dolphin Meat In Taiji

Whale (whale meat) is to table直送still fresh whale meat from Taiji healthy low-calorie ★ ● ● High-protein low-fat ●!

City of everlasting spring whales Taiji town, the town has flowers all year round. Deliver flowers photos and pictures of the sea from such Taiji.
Whales from the town of Taiji, we sent directly to the table of everybody whale meat directly managed super Taiji fishery. Whale meat
The body-friendly, healthy meat and low-calorie triple threat ● ● High-protein low-fat ●.
The whale meat to deliver to everyone, the whale was caught in the Antarctic Ocean scientific whaling, whale meat will deliver a clear criterion Welfare.
Please make sure miss the taste of whale meat has been traditionally eaten as a traditional Japanese food culture.

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In Taiji for culture and protection of whales and other food have been told many years, the whale catch quotas in the fishing and the government decided on the basis of the whale resources survey of the coast outside the jurisdiction of the IWC has taken.

There are various ways of eating, and sashimi manager is to recommend what to say. Whale meat and skin (fat part), sliced, and combined our sashimi was excellent!
Whale sashimi (sashimi), which is a staple of our ginger soy sauce, and local Kumano, It smells faintly of citrus fruit, and even how you folded in ponzu citrus fruit.

"The meat is very cut?" Those who believe, Do not worry, like state and by 1.2 hours and half-understood it from the freezer, and easily cut with a knife than this time, good It can be sliced ​​into.

Japanese have eaten whale since the dawn of time! Which after the war, Japan has covered the kitchen as a significant source of protein. After whaling regulation, which became a valuable product, Taiji Fishery Cooperative has been providing whale meat this week.

Low calorie and low fat! And delicious! The whale meat is a triple threat, without worrying about the calories, eat beautiful food!
The current diet of high fat high calorie, balanced diet with meat and fish, such as Cohen
Nostalgic ●, roller whales back into the pot with water and Oden ● The skin over the water, then silver skin from the Haida, sliced ● The whale bacon, and fried rice with chopped fillings

Whale meat not know on purchases ●, including FAQ and order flow
Contact us by email, please do not hesitate feel free contact us at here. Manager and staff will answer.
fishery in Taiji whale meat has been providing peace of mind.
Since the IWC moratorium on commercial whaling 1982 (Pause) adopted at once interrupted by recent commercial whaling by Japan in March 1988 has just became less valuable opportunity to eat whales.
In particular, in Taiji, such as for food and other cultural protection have been told many years, among seasons and catch quotas determined on the basis of a pilot study of government resources outside the jurisdiction of the IWC in the coastal has taken.
Taiji is a super fishery has been mail-order sales and Taiji whale was landed by fishing this way. Moreover, since we have also introduced with the whale recipe, please use.
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