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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Support Camille

Camille Marino is a passionate and uncompromising animal activist,  On Saturday, Feb. 4th, while attending a peaceful anti-vivisection demonstration and commemoration of two monkeys who were tortured to death at the University of Florida, Camille was arrested on charges related to her campaign against notorious vivisectionist, Donal O’Leary, an animal experimenter at Wayne State University in Michigan.

For over two decades, Donal O’Leary’s experiments have been found by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) to be in “serious violation” of the Animal Welfare Act (USA). The PCRM has asked federal regulators to investigate the private laboratory of  O’Leary, for his ongoing torture of dogs, which the PCRM describe in their Petition for Enforcement as “unrelieved agony”. Please take a minute to let the President of Wayne State University, Allan Gilmour, know that you want him to immediately halt the use of dogs in the university’s ongoing and inhumane heart experiments, by using PCRM’s online form.
The following is an example of what Donal O’Leary did, with American tax dollars, to one sad, abandoned and frightened ‘shelter’ dog, a Dalmatian named Queenie:
“According to medical records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, Queenie’s chest was cut open so experimenters could install devices inside her. After a second major surgery to implant more instruments, she was forced to run dozens of treadmill experiments with catheters protruding from her body and incisions leaking bodily fluids, causing pain and distress. Hypertension was induced by reduction of blood flow to her kidneys. On June 29, 2010, Queenie — a former companion animal obtained from a Michigan animal shelter — was killed in the laboratory, after one of the devices broke and retracted into her body.”
Outraged by the dogs’ terrible suffering, Camille posted news and details of O’Leary’s heinous experiments on her website, Negotiation is Over (NIO). O’Leary used his blood money, purchased on the misery and death of hundreds of innocent dogs, to obtain a court order directing Camille “not to post anything about [O'Leary] on websites or other social media sites”. Given that details of  Donal O’Leary’s personal information could be easily obtained from elsewhere on the internet, the ruling was absurd. This is further underscored by the fact that published media reports of his atrocities also were – and are – readily available online. In addition, Camille has never set foot in Michigan nor caused any action to occur in Michigan, which makes the judge’s decision that Michigan has legal jurisdiction over Camille highly problematic and vulnerable to appeal. More importantly, the ruling was a direct violation of Camille’s constitutional rights under the First Amendment.
Camille spent a month of brutal incarceration and extradition from Florida to Michigan, until she was finally released on $500 bond on March 5th. Her next court date is scheduled on Wednesday, May 2nd at 1:30 PM. Camille could face a long, costly, and protracted trial. The vivisection complex is a powerful conglomerate comprised of industry, corporations, law and government. She is going to need our full support in meeting this challenge, so please help by publicizing her case, exposing the evils of vivisection, and by donating generously to her legal defense fund!
In addition to supporting Camille’s legal defense, it is imperative that we organize to expose the barbaric and sadistic acts inflicted on innocent animals by Donal O’Leary. Animal lovers, advocates and activists alike have vowed not to give up their fight for these dogs! It is the vivisectors, like O’Leary, who are the real criminals and it is they, not Camille, who must be brought to justice!
Please check out the links on this site for more detailed information and ideas on how you can help. Please watch and share our video describing Camille and her noble battle for total liberation of animals, including humans. If you live in Michigan, Please join our campaign to end O’Leary’s reign of terror at Wayne State University.
Support Camille Marino – YouTube

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