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Friday, December 14, 2012

Via Enson Inoue: The man who might be able to speak out loud successfully for the Vioceless:

"Had a great meeting with Mayor Sangen. Moving to try to spare as much as the current pod and a movement at cutting down and eventually doing away with the killing! Initially there were 200-300 dolphins.

Spoke to him about the current pod being help and he told me that he will do what he can to see that a portion of this pod be released. He said he couldn't make any promises but he said he will try. He told me that tomorrow will be a day off for the fishermen so if there is any release it won't be until Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait until Monday and Tuesday to come so I can see if Mayor Sangen could pull through. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I have a feeling it will happen. Even if 1 dolphin more was spared because of our meeting I'll be grateful and happy.
He also discussed a meeting they had in the morning that is moving towards trying to cut down on the killing until it is done away with. He said that in the final goal continuing the drive for captivity would continue but after selection they eventually wanted to drive the whole pod back out to sea without any slaughter.

Not 100% the best outcome but definitely a step in the right direction."

Had a great meeting with Mayor Sangen.

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