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Thursday, January 10, 2013

UPDATE: we have just heard our mayor go on the fm and he said he was on the plane with few people and did not see the killer whales, although they saw alot of open patches of water and alot of cracks heading to the open water, open water is not that far from the flow ice and along the way there are alot of open patches of water. MAYOR and ELDERS are petty sure that they have moved on to open water and were not visible by air. ALSO 4 team of on ice hunters went out far north to check if they are visible in open patches of water but they did not see anything and even the seals are gone, they are saying, since the whales hadnt eaten for quite some time, they probably eaten all the seals close by, thats good, OUR ELDERS are saying there is more open water forming and they are pretty sure they have moved on to safety, patches of water, cracks leading to open water have been spotted and they are sure that they are ok. this is a very good news and the officials are all excited that the whales have reached safety. That is our latest update.

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