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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gro Ottesen shared For Animals.'s photo.
Extraordinary hippo

2010. A hippo in Africa saved a young wildebeest and a zebra from drowning as they crossed a river. The strong current of the Tanzania river would surely have taken the lives of the wildebeest and zebra had it not been for the quick-thinking and selfless hippo.
Tom Yule, manager of the Grumeti Expeditions tour operating company, captured the rescues on video in October and his son Michael (13) took the photos.Yule and several others saw the strong current sweep a young wildebeest calf downstream.

"The hippo immediately went after it and positioned itself on the downstream side of the calf, nudging it with its snout and keeping it above the water all the way across the river until the calf reached the other side and managed to get out and join the rest of the herd." Barely five minutes later the water swept away a zebra foal. The hippo immediately set off after the foal and helped it toward the opposite bank in the same way.

"The hippo got out of the water and came up behind the foal and started nudging it and gently biting it on its backside as if to say, 'Come on man, don't give up now, you can do it. Just a hop, skip and a jump and you're there.' "The foal slowly stepped off of the island and crossed the little channel on to the opposite side and rejoined the rest of the family group".


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