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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

By Martyn Stewart
I encounter many sad things in life, when you love the animal kingdom you know there will be many tragedies because animals do not have the same privileges as man. I have seen some of the worst possible atrocities to the fauna and the critters of this beautiful world that we just cannot possibly appreciate.
Today, i learnt that my good friend Dr. Lynn Rogers has lost his permit to continue his important studies involving Black Bears. For 45 year, Lynn has shown the world the inside of a bears world. All the biologists on this planet come nowhere near what Lynn has achieved. He has taught me so much over the last few years, things i would never have dreamed of. I had the privilege to work with the bears in tv programs and i got to know his research bears intimately. The powers that be wanted this to stop, mainly the DNR and its hunting community. Incredible pressure was placed on Lynn and against all the odds, he survived until yesterday.
Idiots with guns rejoice the news. Idiots who believe these bears are of great danger to us even though they know the science involved. The DNR created paranoia and the judge gave into them.... This year, all the bears in Lynn's study area will be shot. Lily, Braveheart, Faith, Aster, Juliette and so on. I witnessed Hope, June and many others die at the end of bows and arrows and guns.........
The sound of Lynn calling "Its me bear" will die with them.
There are things that totally disgust me in life and the main thing is my own species.
There are times i want to just crawl under a rock.
Most of us will just carry on in life pretending all is wonderful, their heads are buried in the sand. Man has scarred the earth with his vile ways. In a little corner of Minnesotta, a part my heart will always be there.
Thank you for educating me Lynn and Sue.

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