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Monday, June 30, 2014

I have a very heavy heart this morning, It is 03:30am and I just cannot sleep.
My good friend Dr. Lynn Rogers had to remove all the collars off the study bears in Ely, Minnesota yesterday, still waiting on the court of appeal, he took the decision of removing the collars so as the hair around the neck could grow in before Hunting season.
There are many bounties now on these bears and Lily (Pictured here with Faith) has the biggest. There are many evil things we encounter every day and most have to do with man and his ever extending cancer on this planet. People who seek power and dominium over everything in his way.
There was no need for Lynn to have lost his permit, Lynn had studied bears for over 45 years and only until recently the powers that be (DNR) took away his lifetime work.
There is nobody on this planet that knows more than Lynn About bears,
Lynn showed us that Bears don't wake up after hibernation surprised they have cubs,
Lynn squashed many myths about bears and i for one am very grateful to have worked and played with with this great man.
I will be going back to Ely this year to install new sounds into the North American Bear center. The north woods will always have a place in my heart.
"It's me bear" is now just a sound byte.

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