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Friday, July 4, 2014

"Naked and Afraid" on Discovery Channel

Avian Health, welfare, conservation, and beauty
I am a veterinarian and my patients are birds. I have, in the past, worked as a wildlife veterinarian as well. I have been an advocate for environmental, welfare and conservation efforts around the world.
I have to ask for your help.
Unfortunately I watched, by accident, a ridiculous and ignorant television program on the Discovery Channel in the USA. It is called "Naked and Afraid". Basically, 2 spoilt, young, middle class white people strip to nude and survive for 21 days "in the wild". The whole direction is that these two white folks try to kill wildlife, so they do not "starve" in those three weeks, but this one was particularly horrible. This episode is based in Namibia. These two destroyed a Hamerkop nest and brutally killed the young ones and ate them. This was entirely for vicarious entertainment.
The reason I am sending this message: do you have any sources I might contact to lodge a complaint about the treatment of these birds, which was solely for pure, greedy entertainment? Are there concerned parties in Namibia or neighboring countries that might be interested in this travesty?

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