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Saturday, July 11, 2015

VIDEO JUST IN: Sea World team working on a baby whale stranded on South Stradbroke Island.
UPDATE: Sad news - Sea World has confirmed the baby humpback whale is in poor condition and will have to be put down. ‪#‎7News‬
Another whale killed by SeaWorld. If anyone sees a whale beached dont ring SeaWorld or marine Parks. Ring and get a bunch of friend together and try to guide it out yourself. SeaWorld has played God too many times with beached whales and killed them when there was still hope. And guess who gets to keep the body and skeleton and do tests that further their careers. You guest it SeaWorld. Ive been at a beaching where SW has not even brought rescue gear just a little black box. And at another I heard one SW employee tell another not to put a jumper on in the freezing weather and cover up the SW emblem. Its all about branding. It is a commercial operation focusing on cetacean slavery for human entertainment after all. Come to my marine conservation event at Kulcha Jam byron next friday 17th 6 pm and you can see for your self from a video i made.

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