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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Osaka!

After my grueling long 12 hour flight...collected my luggage....a large suitcase, a carry on suitcase and my surfboard bag. Able to mannage all this on a cart; but it was a struggle outside the airport. Brought back memories of last year...lugging my suitcases around the train station in Taiji and a kind guy offered to help....the "kind gentleman", I was later to discover, was linked to the dolphin killings.

Once I  had pushed my cart through the airport door....a cold wind almost knocked me over. Too late to leave my surfboard behind which United Airlines charged me $200.00 to bring.

After checking into my hotel in Osaka, waltzed over to a nearby outdoor mall. Was told that I would find an onsen there and it was amazing....about 5 hot springs and two saunas. In one sauna, you rub salt all over your body which gives you silky smooth skin. And the other sauna has these amazing white heavenly soft carpets to lie was so relaxing. You may also watch TV while in the sauna.

On the way out, noticed other interesting rooms. One in which you lie on hot salted stones. Will have to try that next time!

Now time to think about how I will get all my luggage with me tomorrow on the train to Taiji.
But, maybe worry about that tomorrow....,

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