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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taiji Bound - Day Two

Was wide awake at 4AM because of the time change. Went upstairs for breakfast buffet, which cost  25 dollars..over priced; so decided not to stay.  While leaving a Chef came out to speak with me. He is an Australian who has been living in Japan for four years. When i asked what brought him to Japan...he told me his wife. Told him that "I thought Japanese women were very beautiful".. guessing.the onsens are one of their beauty secrets. He asked what brought me to japan and I told him the dolphins...he said "'re going to Taiji...are you going to say STOP! STOP!?". Wish it were that simple I said.

The hotel let me keep my board bag in their storage area until i return to help lighten my load. Some attendants at the train station  helped me put my luggage on the train. Scoured the coast line for surfers, during my four hour train ride...did not see one! In fact the ocean looked flat....not to mention COLD. Seeing surfers catching waves gives me the same excitement as seeing dolphins swimming free.

Now checked into my Taiji hotel. There are two Organizations here...everyone is really cool.  "Eyes on Taiji. Org" kindly invited me over for some food they had cooked up.

Later, went to a tiny onsen around the corner. Now getting ready for bed...

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