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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4 Possibly Collapsing, Say Sources, Mass Evacuations May be Necessary

Natural News
By Ethan Huff
December 11, 2011
After enduring many months of total information blackout on the situation, an intelligence source connected with NaturalNews has just informed us that Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor 4 may now on the verge of collapsing, and that mass evacuations in northern Japan could be necessary if such a collapse occurs and is confirmed.
NaturalNews presents this only as a precautionary alert, as we have not yet been about to double or triple confirm this report, but we are actively investigating and will bring you updates in a timely manner.
Reactor 4, you may remember, had been given the silent treatment by the plant’s operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), immediately following the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck the fragile plant back in March. For weeks, the public was left in the dark about the status of reactor 4′s cooling pools, and about whether or not the reactor’s spent fuel rods were exposed (…).
It now appears, however, that reactor 4′s cooling tower, which had previously been reported to be leaning and in danger of falling (…), is now following course with its inevitable fate, which is a possible total collapse.

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