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Saturday, September 15, 2012

He kept looking at me and I kept telling him what a 
wonderful animal he was, I wanted to gather them up
and push them back out to sea. I felt so useless again... — at Planet Japan.

September 7 ·


Today was horrible

Tomorrow in this land that time forgot will be a bloodbath in the shadow of Auschwitz (whale museum) screams will ring out of the cove and the world will have to listen to them because they must affect every soul on this planet. Everybody has to know what is happening here or these animals die in the dark alone..... Never think that your calls and faxes, e-mails fall on deaf ears, they don't! we can stop this but we have to be united......... we cannot cut nets, blow up boats or bang drums but we can speak for the animals because boy do they need us to talk now!

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