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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is latest info from Davidee Saumik Inukpuk:
"We just got an update from the guys who have been in the front lines and he said the there is no ice breaker close by to our community but we will know more about that tomorrow when the guys from federal government come and discuss the issue with the community and as it is getting cold up here for the ice to completely freeze over the people are planning to try and take the chunks of ice out of the hole to give more room for the whales and this evening the whales have dove for the longest time because they might have seen another open water further out sea and that was the latest update we got from our town manager who has been tirelessly been working with this matter and there will be a meeting for all the people of Inukjuak to prepare for tomorrow's action plan for the whales.
- We need the ice breaker here before its too late
- Meeting at 8:30 tonight, i will inform you the plan for tomorrow"

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