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Friday, November 6, 2009

Discovering dolphins in the Killing Bay

Since it was pouring of rain...decided it was a good day to walk around Taiji as nobody would be around to notice me exploring the Cove area. Jumped on the boat from Katsuura - Taiji...the waves were big so stepped a shore feeling sea sick....perhaps this was a sign that it was not going to be a good day.

Walked past the "Whale Museum" towards the was eerily quiet around town. Turned the bend and my heart stopped when I saw "Pilot Whales in Cove!", no, ...this is NOT suppose to happen! Did not know what to approached the Pilot Whales...wanted to get closer, went past the barrier...wanted to reach out to them...the family of Pilot Whales were scared and all huddled together. Sensed that they knew I was there....and wanted to help. Drew closer, bonding more with them with every step...then suddenly a loud voice came over the speakers. Had no idea what was being said, but it sounded like a serious warning(in Japan you can be arrested and held without charges for 28 days) had to leave. It was so Awful!

When i first discovered the Pilot whales...unfortunately, my water camera has no zoom

Ran up to the "Look Out Point" the edge of the cliff, looked into the Cove...counted 10-15 Pilot Whales...but it was hard to tell. This was the path I would take often to check the cove.

Returned to the hotel and emailed my Taiji friend about the Pilot Whales in the cove! He said that I "must CALM down"...and that he understood my feelings....BUT, that he had told "them"(Yakuza? Fishermen?) that I would not DO anything!!...and if i showed up at the Cove at Dawn, "THEY" would not believe him so "I better NOT come". Knew then our friendship would end....and since the heart has only one master...mine being for the dolphins...his for his family, etc...I would be there at Dawn to have the dolphins' story told.

Spent the night up...emailing news media to come help the Pilot Whales...thought perhaps if media showed up with a helicopter it would stop the slaughter.....

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