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Friday, November 6, 2009

October 29/09 My Photos of Booby Traps?

Went to the cliff area to photograph the ankle high barb wire booby trap. It was at the end of the fencing area where I was entering to check the killing cove...made me think that area was under surveillance and that the booby trap was obviously meant for me as I was the only one there.

On reaching the top off the cliff, took my usual path....but this time there were branches barricading the path. After five minutes of throwing the branches to the side, took one careful step and barb wire sprung up and entwined around my leg. Felt like a trapped animal unable to escape! It was very sharp and left some marks, and a small tear through my jeans. Decided not to try to go through the path further since they had entwined EVEN more barb wire since the day before...but this time it was EVEN more dangerous. They tried to make it look like a "natural disaster" from fencing....although if one looks closely you can see how deliberately they are trying to injure someone. It is tied around trees and stretches and entwines itself, camouflaged within the trees and among bushes and leaves. While the day before I had found one which was ankle high tied between two trees...NOW, they had the booby traps at head high...which could easily slice through someone's neck or take out an eye. Very dangerous for anyone who would be filming or taking photos and not paying attention to their surroundings. It was very scary to see....and was trying my best to be very quiet in case there were fishermen hiding up there or worse...the Yakuza. Trying to be like a Ninja...the invisible, silent Ninja...then my cell phone - Ring! Ring! (which scared me!) was my mother telling me to get out of there!

While whispering with my mother on the phone (behind a tree)... and looking around...that is when I noticed two sheds hidden behind the trees. The sheds were camouflaged. It was Krazy, even though looking at may not see them! Just like the booby traps that are set out.

Took a photo of one of the sheds with the cell phone that was sent to me. So my instincts were right after all, the area was under surveillance.... not with a camera, but by the fishermen! Must have really entertained them with my cat-like Ninja moves sensing someone was there, but unable to see them! Took some very quick of crossed wooden stakes (they make it look like fencing being put up), but with a SHARP nail. And a few other barb wire ones. Hardy Jones who has been exposing the dolphin slaughters since the 1970s told me "that the area is public property and a Tsunami escape route". Many people in the past have perished from Tsunamis in that area.

*Do not have the photos posted yet of the shed and the booby traps...still waiting for the photos to be sent to me as they are on the cell phone which I mailed back.
* Sorry that I can not display the photos as I never did receive the photos; actually, the person from a dolphin organization said "sorry" to returning them (hmmm). Did risk serious injury to take them...should have downloaded them before I left Taiji; but was exhausted and had a bad Taiji cough from lack of sleep.

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