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Friday, November 6, 2009

October 27/09 A Surfer With a Saw

What a quirky day!! Started off the day surfing...a Japanese surfer lent me his board - gave my bike-lock key (for safe keeping) to a I came in from my short surf session, he said "bye!!!" while he was in his vehicle taking off...with my key! Tried chasing his vehicle to get it back...i like to think that maybe he forgot about my key. Fortunately, another surfer had a saw and cut my lock..(who carries a saw!?)...thank-goodness!

While riding my bike through the side street....saw a police car drive by in the distance on the main street...guess they are having trouble keeping up with me!:)

Yesterday, my friend picked me up.... was "ready to go whale/dolphin watching!"... wearing my "boat attire".... then she pulled into the "Whale Museum"....where we would do our dolphin and whale watching...we had to laugh about our misunderstanding.

Later my friend and I went for sushi...and as it was being passed around I mentioned that I do not eat whale or dolphin (to get her feedback). She said she would Never either!

After dinner we went to the hotsprings...where we chatted about life, love and dolphins. She informed me that her husband does not want her to have internet access....and I jokingly said because he is probably afraid it may take attention away from him. And when I invited her to visit me someday in Canada...she told me that her husband would never allow it! After the hot springs we exchanged hairstyles...and I gave her a dress of mine that she liked. It was funny, because once she put on my dress her personality immediately changed.... so that when her husband picked us up...she told him "I get Internet!....I go to Canada!". His eyes lite up!

Felt so guilty as I went out of town until late that day and was unable to check the Cove. My stay was coming to an end in Taiji....was going to be hard to leave the dolphins behind.

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