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Friday, November 6, 2009

October 29/09 A Baby Pilot Whale?

It was my last day there and things in Taiji had began to escalate dangerously. Had a cough from lack of was now the afternoon and had been up for days with little to no sleep. However, I needed to check the cove one last time before I left. Turned the corner to the cove, but was relieved to see no dolphins netted. While sitting on the rocky beach....reflecting upon the horror of the slaughter that morning...noticed something pointing out of the water- like a little fin! Jumped to my feet........thought it might be the baby Pilot Whale which could have escaped the slaughter! Was going to dive in....ran past the "authorized only" barrier....sadly to stop in my tracks as it was NOT the baby Pilot Whale....but a pointy rock sticking out of the water:(

Please see Hardy Jones video below on Pilot Whales being killed in Taiji.

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