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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Fish don't talk"

Dolphins love to play...and so do the wild, dolphins bond through play. I spent half my day playing with the dolphins at the Taiji Whale Musuem...running back and forth with them like a twelve year old.  It was great fun! Each time i stopped to take a of the bottlenose dolphins would come up to me and chat. The dolphin knew that I had no fish to the chat was more about friendship. At one point i reached my arm over and my dolphin friend turned on it's back as if to say "do not be afraid, you can rub my belly"... and it was a sweet gesture of trust; a remarkable act of forgiveness towards humans. Please see video below...where my dolphin friend does one of his/her chats to me in between our play though saying "Do not stop! Let's keep playing!".
While having breakfast at my hotel in Osaka, Japan, on my way to the airport, I chatted with the hotel's chef. We talked about the depletion of the oceans...he mentioned that when he calls in orders of sea food that sometimes they are unable to deliver the quantity of sea food that the restaurant needs. The chef asked me a question as i was leaving...."sorry to ask; but, what makes dolphins different from just another fish?".

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