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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simulating Ocean Waves in a Tiny Space

 Spent some time alone with the bottle nosed dolphins at the Taiji Whale Museum.... made friends....ran with them...and they let me in to their secret world when no one was around. Dolphins have amazing imaginations...and they are magicians! They shared with me how they can turn a tiny little pen into their own little wavy ocean. Some people say that they would rather be killed with their family than taken into captivity to die a slow death. I can understand this...but i see that every dolphin there makes an effort to comfort each other...and to struggle to live and to find happiness in the smallest of ways.


  1. Leslie-ann, you are a true saint . And I think you are doing such a good thing. Miss surfing with you!! Stay strong!! and Come see me in Panama when you get a chance.
    Ciao, Mi amor,
    Chris Culpen

  2. Thank you for your post... dolphins are magical creatures. They are so cheerful, even in the worst situation they try to comfort each other.. This natural goodness, kindness and optimism human race has to learn from dolphins.. Thank you for being in Taiji!