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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update On The Little Striped Dolphin

I have reluctantly left Taiji, Japan, stayed as long as I could in California on my way home. I have footage and photos that i will be adding soon from my stay in Taiji, Japan. While i can no longer check in on the little striped dolphin myself......some friends still in Taiji will be doing so for me. So i will report back here on the latest.  So far....the little striped dolphin is still hanging in there, a testament to it's "will to live"......and now in a tank with the bottlenose dolphins. Credit must go to the Whale Museum, if this little one survives, as it is extremely difficult to keep striped dolphins alive in captivity due to their refusal to eat. 

Please see video below...of when the two striped dolphins were taken into captivity. I had mentioned to a friend that day..."one looked stronger than the other". Sadly three days later one of the striped dolphins died...depressed, traumatized.....and of starvation as it refused to eat.

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