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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Horrific deaths

As i write, my hands still shake from the horror. Saw things that will haunt me for  life. The dolphins are not killed swiftly without excruciating pain...they are taken from life....fighting...breathing hard....bleeding....screaming...and flapping their tails in extreme agony.  Like any family....and friends, they also tried to help each other and sticking together. I wish they were mean to humans....but they are such innocent gentle souls which are taken advantage of. When the fishermen came for them...part of the family tried to hide and to escape around the rocks before they were dragged away.  I have never seen this kind of brutality or terror in a being. The brave harpooners from the past would be horrified at what this practise has evolved into...the mass suffering.... the mass killings.

My camera lens was blury because i was around bushes and had trouble focussing in with my lens....but i filmed what i could.

1 comment:

  1. There are just no words to comment on this horrific, brutal slaughter! This has to stop.... Hope you can handle everything you saw!
    Keep up the good work there!