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Thursday, January 13, 2011

This morning when i heard that the boats went out again....really did not have the emotional strength, but returned to Taiji again in an exhausted daze. Not sure how the fishermen are able to put themselves through in, day out, driving and killing dolphin families.....this has to affect one's mental health when causing such suffering to intelligent beings, the dolphin people. 

Arrived too late at the Cove, the fishermen had already driven in another pod of dolphins...and the boats were already going into the Cove to begin the slaughter. Friends of mine were returning to the hotel...and since i felt sick to my stomache knowing what was about to occur...and had to leave. Believe in witnessing their valient struggles to live; but not sure of the ethics in witnessing the actual killing(not that we can really see the slaughter)....remember last year, how one of the dolphin killers enjoyed my distress.  Later heard that four dolphins tried to escape (they have to know what is about to happen)....jumping up onto the rocks...injuring themselves and suffering a slow painful death.


  1. too bad the dolphins did not get to escape... why are you there if you are not prepared to stay to witness and document the horror? You arrived late? Gee, glad you got to sleep in... pathetic.

  2. The slaughter has been documented for the last twenty five years, and nothing has changed.

    Wish I could sleep in...even though my original intention was to come here to promote Eco-Tourism which I think will be the best way to protect the dolphins.

  3. wow what a cruel statement to make anon

    thankyou for all you are doing leslie ann