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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr. Weaver's Opinion On Dolphin Suicide...So Did Angel's Mother Really Commit Suicide

From Huffington Post:
But can captivity really cause a dolphin to commit suicide? They seem to be smiling, don't they? What kid hasn't been charmed by the dolphin's toothy grin? Dr. Ann Weaver, who studies dolphins in Tampa Bay, calls it a frozen face and doesn't buy the notion of animal suicide. She acknowledges that animals can get depressed (that's well documented) but the leap to despair, which is a hopelessness that carries into the future, doesn't occur. She speaks about a continuum from melancholy to the blues to depression to despondency to despair. According to Dr. Weaver, the final step to despair, which is a tipping point in suicide, is uniquely human. Then there is the powerful survival instinct. "I think everything they are designed to be is to keep on keeping on. So I think suicide is the curse of the human consciousness, but not other consciousnesses. I don't believe they give up and that's what suicide requires."

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