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Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby Albino Dolphin Torn From Mother Shock……

     *Not my comments:Yesterday the shocking images reached around the world regarding the baby dolphin that had been torn apart from its mother to be taken to a new life in custody inside a hell-hole aquarium.
Albino nosed dolphins are extremely rare and it is more than obvious what these monsters have in store for this poor baby.
There are also images from the Sea shepherds who reported a piece on over 250 dolphins being held captive within the very same cove which became famous and even received an Oscar award in 2009 and many other awards also. So it is amazing how it is only now it has come to mainstream media attention. It has also been reported in CNN News and other large media newspapers.

Rare Albino Dolphin Brutally Taken From Mother for Captivity. Image by Sakura Paia of The Dolphin Project Japanese Monitor on The Ground in Taiji January 18,2014
So in response to the Japanese Aquarium who were responsible for kidnapping this beautiful dolphin a #OpFunKill and #LULZWAR has begun on who are the aquarium currently holding the albino dolphin…

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