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Friday, January 24, 2014

Protest Against Dolphin Slaughter In Tokyo, Japan

Just back from the protest against Dolphin Slaughter, in front of Ministry of Fisheries, Tokyo, Japan.

Approximately 35-40 people attended the protest. We held posters and shouted, "we do not need Dolphin meat, we do not need Dolphin Slaughter" the speaker spoke about Caroline Kennedy's support and said that the Japanese Govt. Should consider that most people are opposing the slaughter.

I did not understand much as I don't speak Japanese. 

Majority of the group were Japanese. I got a chance to speak with some. It is important to note that several people walked by, and didn't even stop to look at the posters or pay attention to what we were protesting against. I was told that it's their culture. I was surprised as no one even stopped to find out what it was.

Over all, the protest went well. One of the speakers broke in tears while shouting slogans. She is Japanese.

AFP, French TV, was covering the event and there was one Japanese reporter.

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