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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There is a protest being planned by a Japanese lady in Tokyo this Friday. Many Japanese agree with her statement below. By all means blame the Japanese government and of course the killers, but please consider that not all the people are aware of the dolphin slaughters. Translation in English: January 24, 6pm demonstration at Kasumigaseki in front of the Fisheries Agency Immediate action! We demand the cessation of dolphin hunts and the retraction of the statement that "Dolphin hunting is Japanese Culture". We will be holding a demonstration at the Ministry of Fisheries to protest against Japanese dolphin hunting and the Japanese government's claim that "Dolphin Hunting is Japanese Culture". As a result of Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Japan's announcement expressing concern over the dolphin hunts, there is unprecedented attention being focused on dolphin hunting not only from outside Japan but inside Japan. However, the Japanese government is criticizing Caroline Kennedy by claiming that dolphin hunting which is unknown to most Japanese and undesired, is "Japanese Traditional Culture", The Japanese government is lying. The Japanese government should be aware that the majority of Japanese citizens are unaware of dolphin hunting and that there is no demand for dolphin meat. They should also be aware that the reality behind dolphin hunting is not "traditional food culture" but a multi million yen business in the trade of live dolphins. The Japanese government is using the dolphins as leverage in global power and is protecting its own profits. We are taking action against the Japanese government. We the majority of the Japanese people do not consider dolphin hunting to be "Japanese culture", dolphins should have a special place in our hearts, and continuing dolphin hunting will surely result in immeasurable consequences from the outside world. We demand the immediate cessation of dolphin hunting and the sale of live dolphins.

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