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Monday, January 20, 2014

IMO(LG) It is Angel, The Albino Calf, Who Has Sparked A Groundswell Of Interest: She Is The Miracle We Have Been Waiting For:

Martyn Stewart shared a link.
 Contrary to what has been stated on a certain persons wall, There have been many people on the ground from all different groups, countries and some of us totally independent in Taiji. Many people have paid out of their own pockets (includin...g mine) to shout for the dolphins and small whales.
I have paid thousands of dollars to people that i felt needed to be on the ground regardless of what group they belonged to. It has been a concerted effort from everyone.
Not one group or body of people can claim for what is to come in the future, be it success or failure. Its about time we were ALL united for the animals in Taiji and leave your egos at home...

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